Roxane Crettex, sales representative at Mobibase

Mobibase is proud to introduce Roxane Crettex, who now manages Mobibase’s entire customer portfolio. Formerly an agency advertising manager, she managed prestigious clients such as Gaumont & Elite model to name just a few.

Roxane has been a member of our team since 2010. Initially content acquisition manager, then chief content officer and international acquisitions executive, Roxane has been senior sales manager at Mobibase for 3 years. She knows our content like the back of her hand (TV channels, VOD, HTML5 games, live matches, highlights, satellite channels’ capture…) and is the person best placed to suggest key products to maximize the potential of your offers, develop your sales or attract new users whatever your country.

She can also source the content you need, given her extensive network of content providers worldwide. Contact her now!

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