Select your TV & VOD content for worldwide distribution

International and locally sourced content tailored to the needs and interests of different audiences.


Target your audience with thematic & ethnic packages

Custom your TV & VOD package or simply choose our ready-made packages.

Content benefits

We publish premium content and bring you international TV channels

A huge selection of our own branded TV channels published internally and popular TV channels from television networks across the world.


published TV channels

Generalist, Sports & News, Lifestyle, Kids & Education, Movies & Series, Music thematics.


international TV channels

Originally from across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Latin American countries.


on demand videos

Documentaries, TV series & movies, news magazines sports & children’s programing.



Qualified meta descriptions, daily refresh,
full EPG, multiple formats.

Infrastructure benefits

We enhance your distribution capabilities

No matter what type of content you choose, take advantage of our technical expertise to manage and distribute your content worldwide.

Content management

Assets integration & management. Access to various specific channels through IP & satellite capture.

Encoding & Transcoding

Seamless and automatic conversion of multiple formats ready for web, mobile and OTT/IPTV distribution.

Live Streaming & CDN

Global and local CDN with fast delivery across the world, redundancy and cost
reduction optimization.

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