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Press - 21/02/2017

Q&A for Digital TV Europe with Vincent Roger, CEO Mobibase

Mobibase CEO Vincent Roger talks about the market for OTT TV services for ethnic groups and the flexibility of the white-label model.

Press - 10/11/2016

Interview of Vincent Roger for Informations Entreprises N°162

Discussion on television challenges and the ambition of Mobibase to overcome them.

Press - 16/06/2016

Mobibase to Launch NatureVision TV on OTT Platforms Worldwide

Mobibase announced that it has launched programming from a brand new channel, NatureVision TV, providing viewers with calming relaxation and relief from daily stress.

Press - 16/06/2016

English Club TV reaches a deal with Mobibase

English Club TV will bring value to our Mobibase portfolio of thematic TV channels and VOD content with an in-depth approach to educational programmes to generate extra revenues". ...

Videos - 22/05/2016

Connected TV in

Interview with our CEO, Vincent Roger, discussing how Mobibase adapts its strategy to television evolution.

Press - 10/05/2016

"La télévision connectée" Interview avec Vincent Roger pour Capital

"La spécificité de Mobibase c’est d’intégrer toute la chaîne de valeur de la télévision, qui va de la gestion des droits, des contenus et grilles de programmes en passant par la ge...

Videos - 08/04/2016

Travel TV Teaser

Travel TV offers travel shows, documentaries and expert advices on top destinations in the world, exploring countries, islands and their cultures.

Videos - 14/03/2016

Sports TV Teaser

Sports TV is a sport daily news channel addressing all major sports including football, tennis, basketaball & fighting.

Videos - 09/02/2016

xTrem Sports Teaser

Xtrem Sports is a TV channel dedicated to all extreme sports including surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, base jumping, MX, mountain bike & BMX through documentari...

Videos - 15/01/2016

Cooking TV Teaser

Cooking TV broadcasts programming related to international food, cooking and drinks including recipe, tips and documentaries.


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